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KVM VPS hosting packages

We guarantee that the VPS will be available within 12 hours even at weekends!
Configuration Linux/Unix Blank HVM
Bandwidth Up/Down [Mbit] 100/100 100/100
Guaranteed Memory [Mb] 1024 1024
Swap (Virtual Memory) Yes Yes
Operating system FreeBSD 8.2 Nincs
CPU [mag] 1 1
HDD 20Gb 20Gb
Traffic [Gb/mo] Unlimited Unlimited
Price [EUR/month] 51.28 $ 71.79 $
Discount Price* [EUR/Month] 35.90 $ 46.15 $
We provide free technical service throughout the setting up of your system.

*: The discount offer is available until the 31th of September, 2013. Only new clients can participate.
The discount price is guaranteed for every customers for 3 months!

Available accessories

NamePr./moYearly contract
+128Mb RAM1.13 $/mo.0.82 $/mo.
+256Mb RAM2.15 $/mo.1.59 $/mo.
+512Mb RAM4.10 $/mo.3.08 $/mo.
+1024Mb RAM6.15 $/mo.5.13 $/mo.
+1Gb HDD0.51 $/mo.0.51 $/mo.
+5Gb HDD2.56 $/mo.1.54 $/mo.
+10Gb HDD5.13 $/mo.2.82 $/mo.
+20Gb HDD10.26 $/mo.4.62 $/mo.
+50Gb HDD17.95 $/mo.10.26 $/mo.
+250Gb HDD58.97 $/mo.48.72 $/mo.
Extra IP4.10 $/mo.3.08 $/mo.
10Gb Central Backup Storage1.28 $/mo.1.03 $/mo.

Reliable, high performance

The VPSs of are running on an IBM x3550 and x3650 servers. We increase resources of the servers dynamically, according to the increase of demand. We are on the point to provide the best service as we can.
Using VPSs provide the best solution if you do not need an own server, but you want full administration authority (root access).
Our VPS servers are located in the hosting rooms of Deninet Ltd. (at the BIX - Budapest Internet Exchange building) building and they have guaranteed Gigabit connection. So you can assume low ping latency and stabile, high bandwidth.

KVM Virtualisation

With the KVM virtualisation and tha Blank HVM package you can run almost any kind of operating system on your VPS. You only have to upload the installation image

Remote access

Our clients receive an IP console for the VPSs. You can reach the console with any SSH client. This remote console enables the user to boot or power off the VPS. Also it lets our clients to open a serial console into their paravirtualized VPS so they can access it even with disabled network or bad firewall configuration.
The fully virtualized operating system can be accessed through VNC console from the very first moment of the installation

**:Prices are a subject to change according to the €/Ft change rate.

“In the XXI. century, everyone needs an own server.”

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