What is a VPS?

The VPS (Virtual Private Server) is a separate unit that is working on a host node. the functions and the performance are equal to a physical server. the functions and the performance are equal to a physical server.
The VPS's appeared, beacause the "mainframes" (high performance servers) had really low resource usage.For example hosting of one or hundreds of websites usually do not load a mainframe server more than 0.2%-5%. The virtual server technology enables the VPSs to share the remaining resources.

What can I use the VPS for?

A VPS can be used for exactly the same purposes as a dedicated physical server. Among others you can run applications, store websites, services. For example a remote FTP service, so your partners can download your files through the very high speed connection of the VPS. You have FULL administrative rights over the hired system.

You can run any kind of online service on your VPS!

  • Your own website
  • Secure web storage (remote shared FTP for companies)
  • Game server for any kind of multiplayer games
  • MMORPG server
  • WEB hosting
  • Collaboration programs
  • Mail server
  • The opportunities are indefined...

What things are forbidden on a VPS?

On a VPS it is strictly forbidden to:

  • Store or distribute illegal content
  • Send SPAM mails
  • Host an Open Relay mail server
  • Host an Open DNS server
  • Do any kind of attack and/or network scanning
  • Use a Torrent Client to access/distribute illegal content
  • Run an IRC bot or Client

Why should I choose a VPS?

Beacause it is a cheap and efficient solution. Since a VPS is located on a hardware node you do not have to spend time and money for the server maintenance. We take that in in place of you so you can really enjoy only the advantages of your server.

In addition you are not up to strange administrators. You can forget the old hat Apache versions. You can decide about your system environment. (Choose services, modules and progframs.)

“In the XXI. century, everyone needs an own server.”

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