Where can I get help?
There is the ProfiVPS DokuWiki which has useful installation and configuration tutorials.for your newly created linux system.
You can reach us at any time on-line through the contacts shown at Contact through any of our contacts that you can find on our site.
How can I get my VPS instantly?
The background engine of ProfiVPS.hu is able to set up the ordered VPS instantly after online payment. This way you can start using your VPS in the matter of minutes.
PayPal Acceptance MarkYou can check out with Paypal which accepts credit cards or your Paypal account. You can use your credit card through PayPal's Credit Card payment gateway.
ProfiVPS.hu means reliable operating, high endurance virtual servers for all our clients.
Our network consists only enterprise grade devices and elements. Our Virtual Servers are running on IBM servers, that are equipped solely by branded, enterprise grade hardware.
We use RAID10 arrays for your data protection and central backup service is available.
Where are our servers located?
Our VPS servers are located in the hosting rooms of Deninet Ltd. (at the BIX - Budapest Internet Exchange building) building and they have guaranteed 10 Gigabit connection. So you can assume low ping latency and stabile, high bandwidth.
Can I test-run the VPS?
Of course! You may order the configuration on monthly basis, and so you do not undergo any long term contract. Therefore you can quit paying for the service any month.
Even more! You can safely start a yearly contract with us as we provide you a 30 day money back guarantee in case of quality problems and you can freely break the contract in this period.
Will I get an invoice?
Yes, the ProfiVPS.hu is a legitimate Hungarian enterprise.
What is the money-back guarantee?
After 4 years of successful operation and hundreds of satisfied customers ProfiVPS.hu is sure of its service quality. Therefore we provide 30 days refund guarantee in that case if you have any problems in connection with the quality of the VPS you ordered. This quarantee also allows you to abrogate you yearly contract during this one month period.
I cannot find a package that fits me. What can I do?
You can customize any of our packages with the accessories you find below the pricelists. Just click on "Customize" on the package you like.
You can add accessories to you VPS 24/7 as they are added automatically.
What is OpenVZ?
OpenVZ is a widely used virtualization platform. It does not do full virtualization, only so called paravirtualization. This means that the guest systems share one common os kernel that runs on the host server. This kind of virtualization does not need the host to emulate the full hardware environment, so it gives the best performance.The only con of OpenVZ is that it can only run Linux based operating systems.
The only con of OpenVZ is that it can olny run Linux based operating systems.
Inside an OpenVZ VPS you can accomplish just the same things as inside a fully virtualized container except for methods that needs kernel modules or kernel parameter changes and there is no swap (virtual memory).
CPU frequency distribution:
The CPU frequency shows the maximal processing capacity of the VPS. If the processors of the hosts are fully employed then each VPS gets processing slices that is proportional to the VPS package.
The CPU frequency advertised on our site depends on the processor type of the host server the VPS is assigned to.