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USA VPS renting packages

NEW! USA placed VPSs available!
Great reliability and huge processing capacity for low price.

The ordered VPS is ready in 20 minutes!
Configuration Normal Power
Max. Bandwidth * Up/Dn [Mbit] 100/100 100/100
Guaranteed Memory [Mb] 512 1024
Burstable Memory [Mb] 640 1152
CPU [MHz] 2000 4000
HDD 20Gb 40Gb
Traffic [Gb/mo] 100 200
Price[$/mo] 11.28 $ 20.51 $
We provide free technical service throughout the setting up of your system.

*: The maximal bandwidth applies on US territory. The international bandwidth may differ.


Our main service is basen on OpenVZ virtualization, but we can serve fully virtualized environment on demand (onto which the user is able to install any kind of operating system).
The OpenVZ based environment is a shared kernel environment, which provides the best available performance, though only Linux based operation systems are available through it.
The below listed operation systems are available now, but we are eager to install any other if our client needs that.

Extensive system variety
  • Centos 5.0
  • Fedora 13
  • Suse Linux
  • Debian Lenny
  • Debian 6.0 Squeeze
  • Ubuntu 11
  • Feel free to ask for other!

HyperVM Control Panel

Using the HyperVM control panel, our users are able to restart, stop, rebuild (reinstall) their system. As well as able to change the root password, or log in through the built-in java based SSH console which works in between any conditions even when the network configuration of the VPS is wrong.
This area contains all function from backing up to root password replacement that our users could ever need.

**:Prices are a subject to change according to the $/Ft change rate.

“In the XXI. century, everyone needs an own server.”

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