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Configuration Minimal Hobby Normal Bussiness SSD Power
Bandwidth Up/Down [Mbit] 50/50 50/50 100/100 100/100 400/400
Memory [Mb] 346 512 786 2048 3072
CPU [MHz]** 1500 3000 6000 12000 12000
CPU Cores 1 2 2 4 4
HDD 10Gb SAS 40Gb SAS 100Gb SAS 200Gb SAS 40Gb SSD
Traffic [Gb/mo] 100 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Public IPv4 1 1 1 1 1
Native IPV6 5 5 5 5 5
Másodlagos DNS [Ft/hó] 200 200 200 Free! Free!
Configurable accessories [Extrák] [Extrák] [Extrák] [Extrák] [Extrák]
Price [EUR/month] 10.26 $ 17.95 $ 33.85 $ 46.15 $ 46.15 $
Yearly Price* [EUR/mo] 8.21 $ 12.77 $ 23.59 $ 35.90 $ 35.90 $
Incl. VAT
We provide free technical service throughout the setting up of your system.

*: The discount price applies to a one year subscription. The discount price is valid until recall and do not go hand in hand with any other restrictions.

**: A valós sebesség a fizikai processzor mag sebessége szorozva a virtuális magok számával.

Az oldalon feltűntetett árak bruttó árak.

Available accessories

You can select accessories to your VPS so you can build the configuration of your needs.
You can purchase accessories any times to your VPS.

NamePr./moYearly contract
InformationLeírás:+128Mb RAM+128Mb RAM1.13 $/mo.0.82 $/mo.
InformationLeírás:+256Mb RAM+256Mb RAM2.15 $/mo.1.59 $/mo.
InformationLeírás:+512Mb RAM+512Mb RAM4.10 $/mo.3.08 $/mo.
InformationLeírás:+1024Mb RAM+1024Mb RAM6.15 $/mo.5.13 $/mo.
InformationLeírás:+1Gb HDD+1Gb HDD0.51 $/mo.0.51 $/mo.
InformationLeírás:+5Gb HDD+5Gb HDD2.56 $/mo.1.54 $/mo.
InformationLeírás:+10Gb HDD+10Gb HDD5.13 $/mo.2.82 $/mo.
InformationLeírás:+20Gb HDD+20Gb HDD10.26 $/mo.4.62 $/mo.
InformationLeírás:+50Gb HDD+50Gb HDD17.95 $/mo.10.26 $/mo.
InformationLeírás:+250Gb HDD+250Gb HDD58.97 $/mo.48.72 $/mo.
InformationLeírás:+1 public IPExtra IP4.10 $/mo.3.08 $/mo.
InformationLeírás:Centrally stored, regurally run, rsync based, 4 days incremental backup. The ordered storage must be bigger than the used up HDD of the VPS, the difference will be invoiced by every 10Gbs.10Gb Central Backup Storage1.28 $/mo.1.03 $/mo.

Reliable, high performance

The VPSs of ProfiVPS.hu are running on an IBM x3550 and x3650 servers. We increase resources of the servers dynamically, according to the increase of demand. We are on the point to provide the best service as we can.
Using VPSs provide the best solution if you do not need an own server, but you want full administration authority (root access).
Our VPS servers are located in the hosting rooms of Deninet Ltd. (at the BIX - Budapest Internet Exchange building) building and they have guaranteed Gigabit connection. So you can assume low ping latency and stabile, high bandwidth.


Our main service is basen on OpenVZ virtualization, but we can serve fully virtualized environment on demand (onto which the user is able to install any kind of operating system).
The OpenVZ based environment is a shared kernel environment, which provides the best available performance, though only Linux based operation systems are available through it.
The below listed operation systems are available now, but we are eager to install any other if our client needs that.

Extensive system variety
  • Centos 5.0
  • Centos 6.0
  • Fedora 13
  • Suse Linux
  • Debian 6
  • Debian 7
  • Ubuntu 12 LTS
  • Ubuntu 14 LTS
  • Scientific Linux 6
  • Feel free to ask for other!

HyperVM Control Panel

By the use of HyperVM the users can easily restart, shut down or reinstall their own system with a few clicks.

  • Start/Shut down
  • Reinstall to either Linux OS
  • Host name setting
  • Reverse DNS setting
  • Java IP console in case of emergency
  • and a lot more!

**:Prices are a subject to change according to the €/Ft change rate.

“In the XXI. century, everyone needs an own server.”

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